Types of Background Checks

Types of Criminal Background Checks

Employers have many options when it comes to running background checks on both applicants and current employees.

  • SSN Trace & Address History
    • This check verifies your Social Security number and checks for other names, aliases, and previous addresses. If you order a background check package that includes county-level checks, your address history will determine which counties’ records are searched.
    • Relevant counties. Previous counties you’ve lived in or conducted business in are listed. If a county appears that you haven’t lived in, it’s because your name and credit information are linked to this location.
  • National Criminal Databases Search
    • This is a nationwide search in which hundreds of online criminal justice sources are searched for criminal record data. However, many courts and law enforcement agencies don’t provide data to this database. Therefore, it’s possible that a national criminal search won’t show a record that would be reported in a county search. This initial search is often used to reveal “traveling” offenses committed in locations where you haven’t lived.
    • All criminal convictions found, including sentencing information where available, will appear in your background check results. (See exceptions.)
  • County Criminal Court Search
    • This is the most complete and accurate search GoodHire provides. It will search up to three county courts’ records, based on counties you’ve lived in in the last seven years. In many cases, a researcher will visit the courthouse and perform a search for records based on the identifiers you provide to GoodHire.
    • All criminal convictions, including sentencing information where available, will appear in your background check results. (See exceptions.)
  • Employer/Education Verification
    • What is it? These verifications confirm your tenure with an employer or your enrollment or degree from an academic institution. Employers use these checks to verify the credentials you provide on your application or résumé. Keep in mind that a single order for an employment verification or education verification results in only the verification of one specified institution. If you want to verify more than one employer and/or academic institution, you must order a verification for each.
    • A verification will confirm any record of employment, enrollment, or degree associated with the employer or academic institution you specify. Dates of employment and/or attendance will be provided if they’re on record.
  • Domestic Terrorist Watch List
    • This search checks the FBI and the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control’s list of wanted criminals and terrorists in the United States.
    • If your identifiers match those associated with a person on the list, we’ll report which list your name appears on.
  • Motor Vehicle Record Search
    • A motor vehicle record search returns your driving history as provided by your licensing state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You can check your own motor vehicle records through your state DMV.
    • State laws vary as to what information may be provided to a third party. Some states provide all violations on file with the DMV or Department of Transportation. Others restrict this information to the past three or five years. Any judgments that a court communicates to your state’s DMV may appear on your motor vehicle record.
  • Sex Offender List
    • This is a national search of sex offender registries that are available electronically by law. Some jurisdictions restrict the electronic reporting of certain offenses, so these won’t appear in a background check.
    • All records of registration. Because a new registration is created each time a registered sex offender relocates, multiple records may be reported for a single sex offender.
  • Professional License Verification
    • This search will verify that you currently hold a professional license in a particular field and whether or not that license is active.
    • Your license status, and other information, such as issue date and expiration date, will be reported when available.
  • Employment Credit Report
    • In states and cities that allow it, employers may order an employment credit report as part of your background check. This is a “soft inquiry” that doesn’t affect your credit score. Lenders can’t see which employers have requested your credit check.
    • Depending on the agency (Transunion, Experian, or Equifax), information reported to your employer may include address history, employment history, number of open accounts, delinquent accounts, past due balances, bankruptcies, and other account information. Your credit score is not provided as part of an employment-related credit check.
    • If you’re interested in getting a free copy of your credit report from one of these agencies, please visit www.annualcreditreport.com. This is the official website created under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act through which consumers may obtain one free credit report per year.
  • Drug Screening
    • Your employer may request that you take a 5-panel or 10-panel drug test as part of the hiring process. You will provide a urine specimen at a lab near you, and this specimen will be tested for the presence of the substances included in the panel.
    • If none of the substances tested are found, the drug test will be reported as a negative result. If a substance is detected, the specimen will reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) to confirm the presence of that substance. If the presence is confirmed, a positive result will be reported in the background check results.

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