Does Baker's Square Restaurant & Bakery
Hire Felons?

Baker's Square Restaurant & Bakery

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Willowbrook, IL

  • Year Founded:1983

Will Baker's Square Restaurant & Bakery Hire Me With A Felony Conviction?

Based on our research and experience, yes Baker's Square Restaurant & Bakery has previously hired individuals with felony convictions.

It is important to understand that every company considers many factors, not just a criminal background check, when it comes to deciding who to hire. These factors may include your experience, your skills, the type of conviction(s) you have, what you were convicted for, the number of convictions, the time since your release, and, how you have worked to better yourself since your conviction or what you have done since your release.

When applying for jobs at Baker's Square Restaurant & Bakery, you should emphasis the steps you have taken to change your life. Did you work while you were incarcerated? Are you currently working? What new skills have you learned recently? How can your skill set and experience help Baker's Square Restaurant & Bakery.

About Baker's Square Restaurant & Bakery

At Bakers Square, serving The Best Pie in America® is something our guests have counted on since we first opened our doors. Great Food and Unbelievable Pie™ make Bakers Square the destination of choice for those who are hungry for life's simple pleasur...

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