Does The Lancaster Food Company
Hire Felons?

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Will The Lancaster Food Company Hire Me With A Felony Conviction?

Based on our research and experience, yes The Lancaster Food Company has previously hired individuals with felony convictions.

It is important to understand that every company considers many factors, not just a criminal background check, when it comes to deciding who to hire. These factors may include your experience, your skills, the type of conviction(s) you have, what you were convicted for, the number of convictions, the time since your release, and, how you have worked to better yourself since your conviction or what you have done since your release.

When applying for jobs at The Lancaster Food Company, you should emphasis the steps you have taken to change your life. Did you work while you were incarcerated? Are you currently working? What new skills have you learned recently? How can your skill set and experience help The Lancaster Food Company.

About The Lancaster Food Company

We started The Lancaster Food Company after years of friendship talking about, well, many things. But there were two common topics: how to have significant impact on the City of Lancaster, which has a 30% poverty rate, and the other was food—making it, sourcing and supporting the best of it, and, of course, eating it. We feel strongly about reducing poverty in the U.S., and feel we can do our part here in Lancaster by paying better than living wages, and by hiring people who might otherwise have difficulty getting work because of obstacles like legal records or educational gaps. And we love food. Craig's lifelong affair with food includes obsessing over how to make just about everything from scratch, from dry-cured chorizo to wild yeast sourdough starter. Charlie's lifelong affair with food includes eating lots of it, and once hosting an organic CSA, starting community gardens, and attempting to improve the public school meal system. We both recognize the deep impact of food on people—on our health, the economy, and our delicate ecosystem.

Current Openings

Unfortunately, we could not find any openings for The Lancaster Food Company at this time. That does not necessarily mean they are not hiring at this time. We simply may not have listings for any positions in our system yet. Please check back later.