Does Crete Carrier
Hire Felons?

Crete Carrier


Lincoln, NE

  • Year Founded:1966
  • CEO:Tonn M. Ostergard

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Will Crete Carrier Hire Me With A Felony Conviction?

Based on our research and experience, yes Crete Carrier has previously hired individuals with felony convictions.

It is important to understand that every company considers many factors, not just a criminal background check, when it comes to deciding who to hire. These factors may include your experience, your skills, the type of conviction(s) you have, what you were convicted for, the number of convictions, the time since your release, and, how you have worked to better yourself since your conviction or what you have done since your release.

When applying for jobs at Crete Carrier, you should emphasis the steps you have taken to change your life. Did you work while you were incarcerated? Are you currently working? What new skills have you learned recently? How can your skill set and experience help Crete Carrier.

About Crete Carrier

Founded in 1966, Crete Carrier Corporation has become one of the largest privately owned trucking companies in the country. With help from Shaffer Trucking and Hunt Transportation, Crete Carrier Corporation is able to provide dry van trucking, temperature-sensitive services, and flatbed transportation. Collectively, the company operates over 5,400 power units and more than 13,000 trailers, serving customers throughout the continental United States. For 50 years, Crete has operated as a truckload carrier for countless products. Crete drivers are among the best, exceeding standards required by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Furthermore, the National Transportation Institute recognized Crete Carrier Corporation as a Top Pay Certified Carrier. Even in today’s uncertain economy, Crete Carrier continues to prove itself as a credible employer. Crete remains a debt-free company, meaning paychecks will always be good, and drivers stay with Crete three times longer than the competition.

Current Openings

Unfortunately, we could not find any openings for Crete Carrier at this time. That does not necessarily mean they are not hiring at this time. We simply may not have listings for any positions in our system yet. Please check back later.